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F.A.Q. Post

Q) What is the purpose of this community?
A) On the profile page, the mission statement can be found. To expand on that, however, here is the main point: to write emails and letters to Marvel Comics asking that they consider creating an AU (alternative universe) series in the 'X' universe (X-Men namely) "for women" in which male/male romance between established characters are explored, along with (of course) great storylines and action sequences. For example, you may like to see an AU where Wolverine and Gambit are paired up, not just in the sense of fighting partners, but to an eventual relationship.

Q) What exactly is "slash"?
A) Slash is a term used when pairing up two male characters in a romantic relationship in fan fiction or fan art when said characters are not partners in canon. (If someone has an even clearer definition of slash, please feel free to mention this in a comment to this post). Yaoi or shounen-ai (Japanese manga with m/m relationships) is similiar to slash, except that they contain original characters created by their artist/writer (except for doujinshi, which could be considered the Japanese form of slash fan art).

Q) Does romantic relationship mean cuddling and pet names and all that?
A) It does not have to; especially since the series would be an AU of an action/fantasy series, we would hope it would be taken seriously with storylines just as exciting as in the other series and have a realistic representation of m/m relationships within such a setting. There are gay characters in the Marvel Universe that are presented quite well, we just want to explore this with characters who are not gay or bi in canon.

Q) Why are you asking that this be a series "for women"?
A) Two reasons. First, in the marketing sense, there are very little comics that could be defined as targeted mainly towards women. Women may of course like the titles that are currently published, but it is a fact that more males than females are comic book readers and collectors. By presenting this as a way to also bring in more of a female readership, Marvel Comics may be more receptive to the idea. This doesn't mean that you can't support this if you are male. It would actually help if, when writing your emails and/or letters, to say that you are a straight/gay/bi male and would still be very interested in a series like this.
Second, the "for women" term is used in Japan in marketing manga that would be of interest to women, such as shoujo, shounen ai or yaoi. It would be helpful to mention this to Marvel, as well as point out the great number of "for women" shounen-ai and yaoi books that have been translated into English and sold in the USA. The staff at Marvel Comics may very well not know about any of this, so examples are of great help.

Q) What shounen-ai/yaoi titles are worth mentioning in a letter?
A) First, they should be titles that have been translated into English and sold in the USA. Second, they shouldn't be overly graphic or PWPs (Plot? What plot?). Marvel Comics does try to be family friendly in the romance department, so don't suggest they publish something where most scenes are in the bedroom! A good example IMO would be the "FAKE" series by Sanami Matoh. It had a strong and intriguing storyline and there was nothing graphic for 6 volumes. (If anyone has more title suggestions, please post them in a comment to this).

Q) Can I point out the large number of slash fan fics that have been written with "X" characters?
A) You can mention that there are fans who write fan fics of this nature to show that there is an interest in this kind of material. However, do not mention fan authors' sites or names or even story titles; due to legal issues, companies like Marvel do not want to see information like this, because if one day they published a story even remotely close to one a person sent in without querying first, the fear is that the fan writer could try to sue. So please keep things as general as possible. You can mention pairings you would like to see, but please don't write out scenarios or storylines.

Q) What should I write in an email or letter?
A) I will try to post some "form" letters to give ideas of what you might want to say, but when it comes from yourself it is more genuine and sincere than if you just copied off form letters of had people sign a petition. Just remember to be polite, tell them your suggestion (a good way would be 'an AU series featuring established X-Men characters such as A and B where the possibility of an attraction between them is explored') and perhaps mentioning anything from above, such as "for women" titles that have been translated into English. Also, be sure to say that you would buy the series if it was published--it helps for them to know that there is a potential market out there.

Q) Where can I send an email or letter?
A) This is addressed in another post in this community.

Q) Anything else?
A) If you have any questions or comments, or feel something needs to be added to this FAQ, please post a comment here.
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